Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hi all. to those who are interested to purchase a burial plot, columbarium, ancestral tablet etc from any Nirvana Hill located throughout the country, do let me know. There are installment plan available to make it affordable to all.

With early purchase, you will enjoy many saving. Need more details? Email me or drop me a SMS; garrethwkp [at] yahoo dot com or 016 4856 581.

We cater for Buddhist, Taoist, and even Christian type of burial. All Nirvana Memorial Park throughout Malaysia been feng-shui enhanced to ensure prosperity continues for the descendent. Nicely landscaped memorial hill and strategic planning ensure you will enjoy convenience and comfort on each of your visit to pay the deceased a respect.

Visit http://www.nirvanamalaysia.com/ for more pictography details.

missing out and coming back

argh. so many things happened from the last post until now.

but, i will try to write more on my journey and thoughts, as much as possible.

lets see:

- my baby growing up to a hyperactive boy
- im getting fatter
- wife is not getting fatter
- my car is a monster
- widened belief system
- a little more clever or knowledgeable.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


So much i tried to get a life that i dont get much of a life, or something like that.

its much more out there than just rat race yo.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Live and Let Live

Im feeling that work place is getting more and more fcuktup. Rules and rules and everything rules. Its getting more like secondary school. Some of them asked, wat fcuk is going on y are we being treated this way?

Fcuk i say, those peeps above me said WE, are out of control. So the top doesnt like being flaked, and us dont want get fcuked, u guys better pull up your act and start grow up and be some smart ass.

D truth, people nowaday dont like to be controlled too much, where it will generate hate and loathsome feeling and resistance towards whatever it is. Fcuk i say, lets join me in Phin's Revolution!

Fcuk i say, when people started to become so farking calculative, they end up dIIIsstrooying EVERy FarKing thing around, i hope they come to theIr farking mind soon. DIfferent generation / position will need to have different thinking? Fuck i say! DOwn to your very fucking core, u r still a human that breath and shit like everyone else.

Human wasnt 'designed' to be perfect, get real.Its alll thoose little little things that make us human, not necessarily better or worst, but human aint some fucking machine that is programmed for sole purpose, or multi tasking so to speak.

This filthy rat race is getting to higher speed and wearing me inside out. While some doesnt know how to appreciate what i've done, a Gay guy friend gave me a fucking 50% of perfection points! There's someone who dont benefits from my effort but acknowledge what i did to keep my world spinning. The rat race had accelerate aging and death, so much that i stubbornly tried to resist by decelerate whenever possible. I enjoy every moment im being crazy and childish, childish as someone which deep in the mental have not grow up. I enjoy pretend to be a 7 year old kid, much more than i enjoy as adult and being serious all the time. I will need all the chance to mellow out, say what you want.

So much that i love to be in charge that i hate to be in charge. I've been a taker so much that its time for me to be a giver for the rest of my life. Its karma retribution and something like that. Being a good people, is it justifiable? Reality, bad people triumph and good guy finish last.

Sux donkey ball

Sunday, February 19, 2012

i work out

4 1/2 years up here, finally some 'major' exercise. went for some indoor soccer with my staff, only 2 of us, and since the stadium is full, we just have some fun our self, passing and chasing the ball around and trying to dribble etc around. seems like im waaay off the fitness level.

Nevertheless had some good time sweating out like a pig, even for 1 hour only. but since i have a initiative to do so, i reckon there are more to come in future.

Gain: Satisfaction from eating TomYum bihun, back ache, bruise on kneecap when sliding around.
Loss: Mentally some weight, and RM6 for not so good tomyum.
Remarks: Must warm up slowly before start!

On other hands, 1 of my project is coming closer, stress from work and stress from the environment. i was thinking real hard to learn more knowledge and to get out from this rat race chain. But nothing can be done in haste as planning is most critical.

BB almost 3 months old. Notty and adorable. Thanks God and all the protector for this.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

CNY eve

macam hell door been open. another fakadak CNY.
1st year pow angpow,double. pow for almost 4 hours only kaw tim. wth!.

back to work.

Friday, November 4, 2011


y birds shit on my car?